Stewart Schley, SVP and Lead Analyst

Stewart has been reporting on and writing about the telecommunications and media industries for more than 25 years, for publications and organizations including Multichannel News, Cable World, CED Magazine and Paul Kagan Associates. He has founded and served as editor of several national business magazines and is the author of the book Fast Forward: Video on Demand and the Future of Television; the editor of the book Definitive Broadband; and a co-author of Broadband Planet, published by Cisco Press.

TV’s future: It’s right up front

The killer app for television? It might be an interface. As the ecosystem evolves, an area worth watching involves the way programs are surfaced and presented regardless of underlying brand association. Apple, Google, Roku, and others continue to fine-tune interfaces that shuffle TV episodes and movie titles drawn from multiple sources into a unified presentation …

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DirecTV, meet Dish TV. Once again.

Because they basically do the same thing – deliver video over satellite communications platforms at scale – Dish Network and DirecTV’s parent AT&T have sparked fresh speculation about a possible combination of their pay TV operations. The trigger was Dish’s surprise announcement that it would turn to AT&T, and away from T-Mobile, as Dish’s partner …

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Houses don’t buy video. People do.

Tucked into Netflix’s second quarter earnings report was an interesting wrinkle about industry semantics. Co-CEO Reed Hastings made a point of diverting from the familiar metric known as ARPU (for average revenue per “unit”) and instead using the term average revenue per “membership,” or ARM. The pivot is designed to remind investors, analysts, and Netflix …

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Deal me in: Is an OTT price war ahead?

Just what the hotly competitive streaming video market needed: a price war. There’s no open declaration of hostilities just yet, but an offer spotted recently from Walt Disney Co. suggests there’s willingness on the part of the category’s fastest-growing player to leverage one of the “3 Ps” of classic marketing theory: price. A promotion circulating …

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